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Collaborative Divorce



Divorce can be painful, difficult, and confrontational; but it doesn’t have to be. With collaborative divorce, you can work together with your ex to minimize the time, money, and stress spend on separating. The goal is to keep your divorce out of court, avoid litigation, and the emotional toll of fighting in court.

Shur Law helps clients in both Kentucky and Ohio with their collaborative divorce process. We help our clients navigate child custody, child support, alimony, and property issues. We believe that an emotionally intelligent approach to divorce is the best way for our clients and their children.

Collaborative Divorce Benefits

Collaborative divorce is a solution-oriented alternate dispute resolution option. When you choose collaborative divorce, you’ll work closely with an attorney in addition to parties such as therapists or financial professionals.

Here are some of the benefits of collaborative divorce:

  • Quicker approaches for divorce solutions
  • Fewer costs for attorneys’ fees
  • Customized solutions for your family
  • Facilitated resolution-driven communication with your ex
  • Completely confidential negotiations
  • Save yourself emotional distress
  • Save yourself animosity toward your ex
  • Foster a healthy co-parenting relationship

How Collaborative Divorce Works

During the process, you and your ex will agree to be transparent, accountable, and to work in good faith to reach a settlement. Each party will have its own attorney to make informed decisions. Together, you will create your own divorce agreement that works for you.

Issues you may address during the collaborative divorce process include:

  • Child custody and support. If you have minor children you will work together to make a parenting plan. The negotiations are private and productive. Also, collaborative divorces are less stressful for your children.
  • Spousal support/maintenance. Negotiating an alimony amount is easier when both spouses weigh-in and consult with attorneys and financial advisors.
  • Asset and property division. You will distribute your belongings and assets, in a private setting rather than relying on a judge who doesn’t know much about your situation.

Other issues you address might include the allocation of investments, business assets and liabilities, retirement accounts, and pet division.

Contact us for Your Collaborative Divorce

Shur Law helps clients in their collaborative divorces in Kentucky and Ohio. Every case is unique, and we are dedicated to giving your case the special, personal attention it deserves. Please call us at 1-513-449-0990 or fill our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.

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